Preparation Day: Tyler's Fast

Hi, my name is Tyler.

My goal in this life is to defy the myth of agingTyler Tafelsky

You are probably thinking, “yeah, sure, okay dude.” But yes, it is true.

People can live one hundred years old.

And still do marathons.

In short, it’s all centers on keeping your body supple and taking in the right nutrients.

You are what you eat. You act as how you do.

If you avoiding eating things that will kill you, you are can defy the myth of aging.

If you keep your body supple by consistently moving through the right balance of activities, you can defy the myth of aging.

Sure, we will all get wrinkly skin and gray hairs. But it doesn’t matter what we look like. All that matters is what we are capable of doing.

Juice Fast Fridge

Today I prepare myself to embark on a 5 day juice fast.

This is not the first time I have juice fasted, however I am still no expert at the discipline. My recipes are still being refined, as well as my practice.

I typically have a simple set of goals for each juice fast I experience. This week, my goals by sacrificing solids are to:

• Create space for mental clarity and persistent presence
• Develop a greater sense of physical awareness (to promote much need healing and mind-body connection)
• To grow my appreciation for food, eating properly and consuming the best nutrients possible

Lately, my behaviors have been straying away from righteous habits. Between overeating, drinking too much alcohol, and not keeping active enough, I feel like I am aging.

So today, I tapered my meals size from produce, oats, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, down to a glass of hearty vegetable juice for dinner.

I am also dedicating this week to investing a great deal of effort in Somatic exercises and Yoga. If you are unfamiliar with Somatics, I highly suggest enlightening yourself on what it is.

Somatic exercises can help anyone overcome just about any chronic ailment (within time,) and I strongly believe this. For me, I have sensory motor amnesia (SMA) in the left psoas muscle from over-training in various endurance sports.

My SMA has nearly disappeared, however that damn left psoas is not quite 100% functional. I strongly believe that by sending more blood to this ailment by giving my digesting track break, I will better sense the muscle and hopefully free it for good.

Juice On.


Day 1: Tyler's Fast

I am very excited to have officially commenced my juice fast today.

Already I can feel a sense of mental clarity, and my body is beginning to feel a bit tingly from the increased in blood flood.

It’s funny. I always seem to have a brief thought stream while juice fasting that second guesses undertaking such an endeavor. The thought is usually associated with other ideas or sights of solid food. Then I remember my goals and stick to the fast with an even more motivation.

I am also pleased to have discovered a great new juice recipe. This blend includes: carrot, cucumber, kale, and apple. Although it looks like murky swamp water, it provides an excellent source of nutrients while still tasting delicious and semi-sweet to the palate.

Tonight I plan to dabble with a bit of ginger. Ginger is ideal to reduce inflammation, which is what I am targeting per my chronically inflamed psoas muscle. 

I also plan to do a couple hours of Somatic exercises. Looking forward to the next few days!

Juice On.


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