Day 1: Tyler's Fast

I am very excited to have officially commenced my juice fast today.

Already I can feel a sense of mental clarity, and my body is beginning to feel a bit tingly from the increased in blood flood.

It’s funny. I always seem to have a brief thought stream while juice fasting that second guesses undertaking such an endeavor. The thought is usually associated with other ideas or sights of solid food. Then I remember my goals and stick to the fast with an even more motivation.

I am also pleased to have discovered a great new juice recipe. This blend includes: carrot, cucumber, kale, and apple. Although it looks like murky swamp water, it provides an excellent source of nutrients while still tasting delicious and semi-sweet to the palate.

Tonight I plan to dabble with a bit of ginger. Ginger is ideal to reduce inflammation, which is what I am targeting per my chronically inflamed psoas muscle. 

I also plan to do a couple hours of Somatic exercises. Looking forward to the next few days!

Juice On.


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